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Become an advanced Brow Doll and gain a fully accredited qualification in Semi Permanent Make Up!


From working in the industry and from completing many different training courses and masterclasses myself, I believe that it is absolutely paramount to enrol in a course whereby you gain the skill set and the confidence to complete a high standard piece of work once you are qualified.

With SPMU this is not possible with these cheap, quick fix ‘one day and your qualified to go off on your own and Microblade’ courses. It is absolutely impossible to gain the required knowledge and experience in 1 short day to be able to carry out this treatment, which is why we unfortunately see so much poor quality SPMU. Your training is an investment that you should make wisely. With that in mind I have put together the following Beginners Microblading & Beginners Lip Blush courses to ensure you are able to to produce the highest quality SPMU that will not just look great when they are first done, but heal amazingly crisp, and last!

The course will consist of:

✨ Anatomy & Physiology - you will complete this section remotely via an online link. This will be completed in your own time before your first day in the academy. We will go over this briefly at the start of the course.

✨ 2 full days in the training academy, learning all of the theory behind the treatment, learning colour theory, pre draw, Microblading patterns and completing practice skin mats.

 ✨ You will then go away and have 2 weeks to complete a set amount of microbladed brows on practice skin mats (these are provided) in your own time. You will bring these back to your next session.

✨ You will then return to the academy for an intense practical day whereby you will watch myself carry out a Microblading treatment on a client, followed by you completing a model of your own. Here you will be asked to bring your own model as I always find that you are more at ease with someone you know, and this way you can watch their healing journey yourself to gain a thorough understanding, enabling you to explain this to your future clients.

✨ You will then go away and complete 4 of your own models, emailing pictures of your work as you complete them, this includes 4-6 week top ups. You can do this at your own pace in your own time as long as they are completed within 4 months of your practical day. If I feel you need further practice there is a possibility that you may be required to complete further models. It is up to you whether you wish to charge your models a small fee.

✨ Once your models are complete and I have signed off your work, your certificate will be processed and you will be a qualified Microblading Artist 🎉

✨ A full kit is included with cost of the training which will include everything you need to start offering the treatment immediately.

✨ You will also receive a Brow Doll Microblading Manual & a Level up in business manual which includes all my business tips and tricks including how to advertise your work to its maximum potential.

All academy days will be 9am - 6pm.

Lunch & snacks are provided 🍲

Training groups will be kept to a small number of 3 to ensure you receive the upmost support throughout!

You must be aged 18 or over to complete this course.

This course is fully insurable and accredited by BIA.

No previous beauty qualifications / experience required.

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